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Expanded Metal Mesh

Expanded Metal mesh sheet for sale boise

Regular Expanded Metal

Regular Expanded Metal mesh has raised edges to provide grip or traction for walkways. Also referred to as Raised Expanded Metal or Standard, it is created by die-cutting sheet metal into a mesh diamond pattern while being expanded, hence the name.

Expanded Metal is unique because it acts like a sheet by maintaining form and rigidity, but it is about 80% lighter than the original metal sheet.

Providing free passage of light, liquid, sound, and air, while still providing a barrier makes Expanded Metal useful.


Regular or Standard Expanded Metal mesh with it's raised edges is widely used in ramps, walkways, and flooring. Lighter guages are used in sifting, ventilation, security, or lighting.

Flattened Expanded Metal

Flattened Expanded Metal is regular expanded metal mesh that has been passed through flattening rolls (cold rolled) to remove the sharp edges. This rolling process reduces the thickness, stretches the pattern, and provides a smooth flat finish safe to touch.


Flattened Expanded Metal is popular in architectural details like walls, fences, window protection, screens, and shelves including furniture mesh, grills, and safety guards.

Expanded Metal Grating Grate-X

Grate-X Expanded Metal is safety flooring already welded with crossbars and ribs ready to install.  Grate X Grating is ideal for industrial walkways and stair treads. Grate-X is higher in unit tensile strength, lighter, has safer tread surfaces and permits maximum passage of light and air.

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Featured Steel Products

used stem pipe for sale nampa id
Used Oil Field Pipe

If your farm or ranch needs to control some roughstock animals like a rank bull, build strong livestock fencing using sucker rods and well stem pipe as steel fence posts. It will be the last fence you ever build.

storm drain grates for sale nampa id
Storm Drain Grates

Across Boise, you can find subdivision developers using our stormwater grates to control runoff. Set the frame in wet concrete, then place the steel grate on top for a water drain to last nearly forever.

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Hot Rolled Steel

Bend it, shape it, weld it, A36 hot rolled steel is the most popular steel available for all your general fabrication needs. Available in round bar, plate, sheet, square bar, rectangle bar, and more.