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Aluminum Bar- 6061 & 2024

We have a couple of the most popular aluminums for sale in Boise — 6061 aluminum and 2024 aluminum.

6061 Aluminum

One of the finest alloys man has made, Aluminum 6061 T6  accepts coatings, thermally/electronically conductive, withstands high heat & corrosion, plus it's strong yet light.

6061 Aluminum is offered in flat, round bar and square.


6061 Aluminum is easy for drilling, machining, sawing, and to punch; welds with proper equipment.


6061 Aluminum is very versatile, though not as strong as 304 Stainless Steel, 6061 is much lighter so it is the metal of choice to decrease mass in aircraft, racing applications, braces, brackets, components, and aluminum hardware.

2024 Aluminum Bar

At our Boise aluminum supply, 2024 Aluminum is usually available in flat, round, and square.


2024 Aluminum is not considered weldable, but it can be drilled and easily machined using proper cutting tools.


Heat treatable with high fatigue restistance make 2024 Aluminum ideal for prolonged periods of strain in commercial, industrial and aerospace applications.

Aluminum sizes*:

*Not all combinations of sizes may be available due to the type of aluminum alloy. Please call for details.

Aluminum Grades:

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