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cast iron storm drain grates

Stormwater Drains & Grates

idaho state storm drain grate

Steel Drainage Grate & Frame

Just set the steel frame in concrete, place the stormwater grate on top and you will be diverting water from driveways, private roads, streets and subdivisions.

Idaho state drafted and approved, this catch basin and steel drainage grate is Class D rated, bicycle safe and meets Idaho codes. Our metal grate is widely installed by property developers across Idaho and Boise.

Made of heavy duty steel, the storm drain cover and frame will last a lifetime.


Because you install the stormwater frame in concrete, you can use the metal grate in: irrigation trenches, stormwater collection, silt traps, culverts, canals, surface drainage, driveways, public and private roads, civil projects, floor drainage, and subdivision development.

cast iron storm drain grates
trench drainage grates
stormwater drain grates
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storm drain grates for sale nampa id
Stormwater Drain Metal Grates

Across Boise, you can find subdivision developers using our stormwater grates to control runoff. Set the frame in wet concrete, then place the steel grate on top for a water drain to last nearly forever.

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  • "We get some of the best deals on used stem pipe from Rocky. Perfect for industrial dairy fencing at TLK Dairy and the Simplot Feedlots. Top rails, posts, cables, and accessories-- they have everything we need."

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